Your story is unique.

We see that phrase so often, I can guarantee that you probably didn't even register what that actually means!
Your story is not part of a trend, culture or society - your story as a couple is a mish-mash of everything you love about one another - the way she smiles cheekily, the way he holds you like he doesn't want to let go, her firm belief in the power of coffee and a bit of positive thinking, his firm belief that a hug can cure anything. If your story is unique, then why should your wedding day simply be a reflection of cultural trends at the time? Can we roll our eyes a little at words like "bespoke" "rustic" and "country chic" already? As a wedding photographer, I am passionate about creating images that reflect you as a couple, the environment you are in and how you naturally connect with one another. The following images reflect the couples that inspired them, and I hope they will inspire you too.