What is the best way to avoid bad luck? Well, you could handle every mirror with the utmost delicacy. You could never used the number 13, and you certainly would never walk under a ladder or let a black cat cross your path. Or you could embrace one of the "unluckiest" days in the calendar (Friday the 13th) like Kerrie and Jesse, and simply surround yourself with unlucky charms! Kerrie and Jesse were married under two ladders surrounded by black cloth, walked up the isle to the Star Wars theme, and dined underneath upside-down umbrellas at their reception. They were an amazing and vibrant couple - of course this is what happens when you join a heavy metal rocker come skateboarder with his equally awesome purple-haired bride! I had an absolute blast photographing this wedding with Bright Shadow Photography! And of course, here is a special poem for Kerrie and Jesse:

Don’t walk beneath a ladder
Or let a black cat cross.
Your mirror mustn’t shatter – 
Seven years will be your loss.

Be sure you don’t step on a crack;
Say “Bless you” for a sneeze.
If salt spills, toss some past your back
And most important, PLEASE,

If you are superstitious,
Keep those warnings close at hand.
The 13th may be malicious
When on Friday it does land.

You never know what’s waiting
So be careful on this date.
Don’t waste time by instigating – 
Just a fool would tempt his fate.
By Eilene Bauer